Nonfiction Guides and Non-Dragon Fiction

Although cats and dragons and their quests have been the center of my life for several years (and continue to be), I write other fiction and also nonfiction guides.

Flower Essences, Crystals, and the Chakras

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Essences and crystals tend to be much more reliable in their behavior than dragons and cats. As for humans, they can benefit from the stable energy of the stone and flower realms. These books can help.

Bach Flower Remedies: A User-friendly Guide can provide a solid foundation for the beginner and a valuable addition to the more advanced practitioner’s library. Read more about Bach Flower Remedies: A User-friendly Guide.

Renew Your Life the Natural Way: Balance Your Chakras with Crystals and Essences was a finalist in the 2015 Indie Spiritual Book Awards. The book provides unique suggestions for allowing flower essences and crystals to help balance your chakras.

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Animals Have Feelings, Too: Bach Flower Remedies for Your Cat and Dog includes a guide to understanding your pet’s emotions, specific Remedies for particular issues, and chapters about the special needs of abandoned and abused animals. Read more here.

Advice for Cats
Flashbacks to the 1960s

cats in charge gone to flowers

Written by Tara, a main character in the Dragon’s Guide to Destiny series and a cat who has devoted her life to training humans, this book brings her expertise to answer cats’ urgent questions about choosing the right humans, taking control of the household, getting the best food, toys, treats, and pouncing on a life where cats are truly in charge. Read more here.

In Gone to Flowers, you will time-travel to the 1960s and enter the lives of four young people living with others in a rural commune. This novel will take you beyond sex, drugs, and rock n ‘roll to their challenges with love, loyalty, and self-discovery. Read more here.