Dragons, Dystopians, &
Other Deviants

C.M. Barrett, Author


dragonfly_resized-3 Prisofdys ask the moon cover

A Dragon’s Guide to Destiny Series

Dystopia in Drag Series
Contemporary Fiction with D-Words (deviants, diversity, and discovery)

I have a lot of interests, which is why my writing free ranges across genres. The pattern that ties my books together is my affinity for outcasts (based on personal experience). Whether I’m writing about a dragon, a black cat, a lesbian, or a drag queen, I look for the qualities that help them to rise above the prejudices and limitations of others to find and cherish their true selves and give the world the gift of diversity.

My characters are everyday heroines and heroes. Many of them make trouble on a daily basis. They remind me of myself. They might remind you of yourself.