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Bless the Readers Remembering Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 541, a book that is as relevant today as when it was published.

What is Eco-fiction? Saving the planet, one word at a time.

Tripping the Light Fantastic How a book from my childhood led me down the path to fantasy writing and how fantasy frees the reader’s imagination, too.

Why I Love Hearing From You Like many writers, I am a solitary creature. However, I love hearing from readers.

The Road Wrongly Taken I had gotten lost while writing my latest novel, and pride and stubbornness kept me on the wrong road.

A Seasonal Tale Many of us know the story of the grasshopper and the ant, but not many know about the mouse who talked his way into a winter of free food.

The Lonely Reindeer The other reindeers laughed at his shiny nose. Judgment hurts—whether you receive it or give it.

Is It Bad to Be Controversial? I share my doubts and decision about beginning a controversial dystopian series, Dystopia in Drag.

The Author Who Broke Science Fiction’s Race and Gender Barriers Octavia Butler, a black woman, brought a new dimension to speculative fiction and changed its nature and direction.