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Ask the Moon

Sometimes when you slow down, the past catches up with you.

Finn thought she’d rebuilt her life after being raped when she was twenty, getting pregnant, and giving the baby up for adoption. Thirty-five years later, when her lover decides to have a baby, Finn tells both herself and Dolores that she won’t agree to a decision she had no part in making. Dolores accuses her of being afraid to face the past and leaves her.

When Finn sinks into an unshakable depression, her friend, Gabriel, convinces her that she needs to leave Manhattan. She moves to upstate New York and tries to adjust to a world without crowds, corner delis, and the countless distractions that kept painful memories at a safe distance.

Traumas resurface when she dreams about her baby and her mother, who died of a miscarriage when Finn was four years old. The past becomes present when Finn receives an unexpected email from her daughter. Although she has no memory of a mother’s love, she must learn to give love to a daughter whose spirit is as wounded as her own.

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