Beyond the Rainbow Dragon

Book Six of A Dragon’s Guide to Destiny


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Legends say that the emergence of the Rainbow Dragon will initiate a new age—but they fail to mention what this means.

The birth of Jade, a dragon with all the right bloodlines, has caused rising anxiety about this imminent and mystifying era. In an effort to stem hysteria, an ancient dragon names the coming era the Great Transformation, but this title does little to console those who already feel the tides of chaos disrupting their lives.

Conditions reach an explosive level when:

Gabbro Frost, son of Malvern, the now-deceased international criminal and would-be tyrant and assassin, comes back to Northern Oasis after years of exile. Since Malvern attempted more than once to murder Phileas, former Guardian of Oasis, and his wife, its Heroine, Gabbro’s return alarms them and everyone who knew his father. The more he acts like the quiet schoolteacher he says he is, the more suspicious people become.

Sixteen-year-old Zinnia, Phileas and Serazina’s daughter, finds the shockingly candid memoir of Zena, co-founder of Oasis, and learns that her ancestress was both a sexual rebel and the favorite harem slave of the Emperor of Tamaras. When the memoir goes public, many Oasans protest the tarnished image of their heroine.

The southern region of Oasis, whose citizens have for centuries resented what they feel is an inferior and far less prosperous status, calls for secession from the callous and degenerate North. After the release of the memoir, riots break out.

Is it any wonder some are beginning to fear that the Great Transformation will become the Greatest Disaster?

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