Fantastic Voyages: Free Sci-fi and Fantasy

fantasticFrom January 1 to January 15, a number of science fiction and fantasy authors will be giving away 120 ebooks of both novel and story length.

I’m intrigued by some of the titles: The Demon Bunny of Ipswich, Extreme Medical Services (I think I’ve had them), 2047: Hell in a Handbasket (I thought that was 2017), and, of course, The Dragon Who Didn’t Fly. Other titles are more classical SF/F, but I intend to immediately download those first three.

 The link is

$.99 Sale on Dance with Clouds

dancewithclouds600X900Dance with Clouds, Book 2 of A Dragon’s Guide to Destiny, will be on sale for $.99 from Dec. 26 to January 15.

Even if you haven’t yet read  the prequel, The Snake Charmer’s Daughter, and Book 1, The Dragon Who Didn’t Fly, you can take advantage of this tine-limited offer to pick up Book 2. It will be there when you’re ready to read it.

$.99 promo
Dance with Clouds will also be part of a special $.99 sale that a number of science fiction and fantasy authors are offering. Get more information at

Are You Looking for a New World?


Muse, Huntress, Liquid Cool, Fallen Angels, Few are Chosen, Wolf Moon, and many other science fiction and fantasy books are waiting for you to download and read them. The giveway is Nov. 1-15.

I love having The Dragon Who Didn’t Fly being part of giveaways, and I also love reading the descriptions and discovering new authors. All fiction writing requires imagination, but the special talents involved in creating new worlds always inspires me to look at my own world and imagine how it could be different.

Take, for example, this description of Muse: He’s a melancholy bard. She’s expecting to settle into a boring and predictable life. They’re the world’s only hope against a nightmare. Yes, I downloaded it.

Visit this link to get your free books.

Choose from over 40 SciFi and Fantasy Books

From Oct. 24 through Nov. 5, a number of science fiction and fantasy authors have teamed up to give away books. Choose from titles such as “The Awakening of Magic,” “Talisman of Earth,” “The After War,” “Rise the Renegade,” “White Rabbit,” and many more.

Get them here.
These books have been hand-selected for your reading enjoyment. The offer ends Nov. 5.

Myth, Mischief, and Magic, Oct. 11-31

Sometimes fantasy is funny, sometimes not, but wherever magic is part of it, its unpredictability can cause mischief.

That’s why I was very glad when The Dragon Who Didn’t Fly was accepted for this group giveaway. The band of mischievous cats in this fantasy novel now get to meet a new audience.

And you get the chance to look at a host of books by authors you may not know.

Visit the giveaway site to find out more.

Week 3: Eco-lit Giveaway

eco-litThis eco-lit giveaway is now in its third week.

Here are quotes describing some of the books:

The Long, The Short, and the Tall: Life with Rescue Dogs: “Happy Stories, Funny Stories, Sad Stories – But Always True Stories about Life with Rescue Dogs.”

The Awe of Nature: Why We Should Seek It Out: “The Awe of Nature is a thoughtful narrative that takes readers on an extraordinary journey from the wonders of the Amazon rainforest to the terror of forest fires in northern Saskatchewan.”

Unicorn Magic: “Feyland: a new computer game that allows Scottish teenager Corinne MacArthur to escape the sadness haunting her everyday life after losing a loved one. It’s a game where legends come to life, the lines between reality and fantasy become blurred, and the impossible becomes—probable?”

I intend to download many of these free books, and I hope you will, too. To see them, please go to the giveaway page.

Animals, Nature, Ecology, and the Great Outdoors

eco-litThis eco-lit giveaway, which is taking place from August 1 to August 31, is well underway. Because I believe in promoting books that help to support our ecological awareness, I am part of it.

Here are some quotes describing some of the books:

Junction, Utah: “A nomadic river guide discovers what there is to love and lose in an undiscovered corner of the West.” I read and reviewed this book and highly recommend it.

Wildly Simple: “Written by an experienced integral coach, Wildly Simple: Free Your Happiness through the Power of Nature offers you tried-and-true nature connection practices you can start today, no matter what you’re struggling with in your life. All you need is dash of willingness and an organized guide at the ready. Here’s your guide…now are you willing?”

Riding Out the Devil: “Jack is only interested in helping horses. Period. Human owners irritate him.

He’s working with an anxious gelding when a mystery woman calls his cell phone. As she does once each year, she makes the same short statement before hanging up.

Already rattled, that evening he receives bad news which sends him back to his native England for the first time in 17 years.”

I intend to download many of these free books, and I hope you will, too. To see them, please go to the giveaway page.

The Fixers

I’m thinking today about the idea of “self-improvement.” So many courses are available that promise to improve your self-esteem, your ability to market, to clear out issues from the past, and many other tempting possibilities.

In many (not all) of these offerings lurks the suggestion that something in you is broken and that if you take this course, you’ll get fixed. All you have to do is buy the “Inner Mechanic’s Guide.”

This approach resembles the basic concept of Western medicine: that the body is a machine in need of repair. In contrast, holistic approaches to health propose a system of mind-body integration.

Because I, like many of you, grew up going to Western medicine doctors, I’ve been trained in the mechanical approach to the body and have translated it to the emotions and mind. I often find myself thinking I have to fix something about myself. Today, when I caught myself thinking that, I suddenly heard a very definite “No.” And it felt good.

I don’t need to be fixed. And neither do you. Everyone has areas in their lives—thoughts, beliefs, and habits—that may keep them from living the lives they want to experience, but that doesn’t mean we’re broken. We developed the thoughts and behaviors that now seem to be malfunctioning because we thought we needed them to be happy and/or safe.

Once we realize this, we don’t have to blame ourselves for having them. When we discover that we no longer need them, we can thank them for doing their best, thank ourselves for doing our best for ourselves, and move on.

This is much easier to do when we know that we’re not broken.

I’m not.

Neither are you.

Green Merchant Promotion: Part 2

Last week I wrote about the group giveaway in which I’m involved. It means a lot to me to be able to promote positive environmental ideals with other politically and spiritually committed authors. You can download as many as you want.

The giveaway is from June 1 to June 15. Go to for more information and to download.

Here are some examples:

Wild Roots: Coming Alive in the French Amazon/Donna Mulvenna

This memoir will make you want to reclaim your life and live out your wildest dreams.

Against the Grain: Phil M. Williams

A tyrannical high school principal. A young anarchist with nothing left to lose. One way or another, this place is goin’ down.

The Heart of a Mouse Mandy Pang
With themes of friendship, and family, this woodland adventure story encourages readers to work through their fears, and find the courage within themselves to follow their dreams.

All Things Breathe Alike: A Wildlife Anthology

Donna Mulvenna, Jessica Groenendijk, and Margi Prideaux
Some believe the natural world is our real home. Could the eternal pull we feel toward the golden warmth of a rising sun, the tumbling waves of the ocean, or the soothing sound of birdsong, be nature’s way of calling us back? One wildlife anthology. Three passionate nature writers. Nine evocative stories.

Junction, Utah: Rebecca Lawton

This WILLA award-winning novel is “A fresh female voice and a bold take on environmental awareness–great read!”

In the coming days, I will list other books.

The giveaway is from June 1 to June 15. Go to for more information.