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Dance with Clouds

Book Two of A Dragon’s Guide to Destiny

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Malvern Frost, the crafty villain who tried to overthrow the leadership of the land of Oasis in Big Dragons Don’t Cry, has escaped from prison and fled to Dolocairn, a mountainous land where drug lords threaten the rule of the priestess cult. They join with Frost to bring both Dolocairn and Oasis under their domination.

As part of their scheme, they’ve used amnesiac and possibly fatal drugs to engineer Frost’s escape and incite a race riot. Phileas, Guardian of Oasis, realizes that the drug lords could also stop the flow of recreational and addictive drugs into his country to create the specter of addicts cut off from their source.

The air dragons of Dolocairn, no longer honored in human worship and troubled by their own fears of the powerful drug cartel, come to Oasis to seek assistance. In response, Druid, Water Dragon of Destiny, Tara, the Chosen Kitten, and Serazina volunteer to go into that dangerous land and uncover the intentions of both the big-time pushers and the mysterious High Priestess.

Now, when alliances in that icy land seem to be shifting as easily as snow slides down a mountain, and Frost takes every opportunity to convince the people of Dolocairn that Oasis is their enemy, conditions could hardly be more dangerous for the trio of spies. They will be lucky to get out alive.

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