Welcome (and a little about me)

In the 1980s and 90s I owned a store in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village. (I sold crystals, statuary, and other metaphysical things.) I’d put a lot of myself into the store’s design, appearance, and inventory, and it quickly became my home away from home. At first it disturbed me that anyone could open the door and come into my home.

That, of course, is the idea of a store. People come into your space, and you have to be friendly and welcoming and helpful. Although a lifelong introvert, I learned that I liked meeting new people and answering their questions.

I moved my business onto the Internet, and people still walked (or navigated) into my store. I didn’t see them come in, though. I only knew they’d visited if they bought something or sent an email, and then I got to practice my friendly, welcoming, and helpful skills.

And so I welcome you to this site, and I’d love to hear from you. If you have any questions or comments about my books or the site, you’ll find contact information at the bottom of every page. The site is young and growing. I plan to add more of my writing and will post past newsletter articles (as soon as such items exist).

A Brief Biography

I have a great family tree full of troublemakers, and I learned all about them from my maternal grandmother, a storyteller of great skill, as was my mother.

They also encouraged me to read and provided me with books to feed a growing habit. When I was in grade school, I discovered mythology, and I have been reading fantasy ever since.

My first writing award came in junior high school, when I won first prize in a school wide competition for the best slogan on the subject of good posture. I still have good posture.

When I had the crystal store in Greenwich Village, a lot of people asked me where the kryptonite was. I sometimes had to calm down mentally unstable people. Once I was held up at gunpoint.

I have had short stories published and a very-far-off-Broadway play produced.

My cats have always run my life. This is a good thing because I need guidance and a certain amount of discipline.