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Rainbow Dragon

Book Five of A Dragon’s Guide to Destiny

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After strained negotiations that include an earthquake or two, the heroes and heroines of Oasis prepare to welcome fairies, dwarves, and other elementals to their land. Though the elementals promise to improve crops, irrigation, and general wellbeing, the Oasans worry about the problems of introducing alien beings to humans who are unfamiliar with their existence.

A rebel faction of fairies and dwarves want more than integration. They call for the annihilation of the human race. They’ve joined with rebellious Earth dragons who fear that the child of Druid, the water dragon, and his mate will be the Rainbow Dragon. Some believe that the Rainbow Dragon will bring peace, but the rebels fear that its birth will signal the end of the world. They steal the egg and plan to raise the baby dragon as a weapon against humankind.

All species of dragons and their cat and human allies unite to devise a plan for disarming the rebels that doesn’t risk the destruction of the egg. They hope to do so without loss of life, but, for the sake of his child, Druid is prepared to die.

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This book is also on Apple iBooks, but I can’t find it. 🙁