Creatures as Teachers

Animal-human communication plays a large role in the Dragon’s Guide to Destiny series. In Big Dragons Don’t Cry, Tara, a kitten who alternates between the roles of tiny terror and tiny heroine, leaves the comfort of her mother and father, her need to communicate with the human girl, Serazina, becomes urgent. She succeeds in opening Serazina to the vitality and power of the natural world, but in order to hear the communications of animals, the girl has to give up some of her belief in human superiority. And poor Serazina thinks she doesn’t have much else.

It’s the human dilemma. We seriously need to get over the idea that superiority equals self-worth, because we’re missing out on a world of opportunity to relate those nonhuman beings with whom we share this world. If you live with cats, dogs, birds, or other animals, you’ve probably discovered the countless ways in which they communicate: a yawn, the flick of a tail, or an unwavering gaze, to name only a few possibilities.

Creatures Who Have Taught Me

The Power of Purr Sometimes nothing feels more comforting than a purring cat. But a purr does more.

I will be adding articles to this section, many based on my experiences. When we live in the vicinity of wild animals, we have even more chances to observe their behavior. To come are stories about interactions with animals ranging from bears to snakes. Let me be clear and honest. I am not an “animal communicator,” but I have had some very clear communications with animals. My cats would say I’m slow but willing to learn. They are training me.

Animal Tales

The stories in this section are fiction. Truthful, i.e., nonfiction, stories are in the section above.

When Turkeys Give Thanks: A Thanksgiving walk on the wild side.

Book Reviews

Making the Rounds with Oscar. Oscar is an extraordinary cat living in a nursing home who knows when patients are going to die and comforts them during them their transition.

In Pet Psychic’s Diary, Jeanne Miller shares stories that are both entertaining and moving about her clients.

An Eagle Named Freedom describes the mutually healing relationship between an eagle and a wildlife rehabilitator.

The Joys of YouTube

Animals in Action It’s very dangerous to go to YouTube under any circumstances, but particular perils are involved when you’re looking for something specific. My plan was to find particularly interesting and inspiring videos about animals. I found enough to give you a taste of what’s available, but untold hours passed as I told myself I’d just watch one more film.

I end with this quote from The Nature of Personal Reality, by Jane Roberts:

“You can learn more form watching the animals than you can from a guru or a minister-or from reading my book. But first you must divest yourself of the idea that your creaturehood is suspect. Your humanness did not emerge by refusing your animal heritage, but upon an extension of what it is.”