The Pet Psychic Diaries (Kindle Edition)
by Jeanne Miller

Imagine this scenario: In Japan, a psychic for pets gets a surprising number of calls from people who say their cats and dogs are highly agitated without apparent cause. When the psychic communicates with individual animals, each gives her short clips of the earth shaking and of a turbulent sea. She takes this information to local authorities who, because they realize that animals have advance warning of natural (and perhaps unnatural) disasters, make evacuation plans.

Would lives be saved if we believed that animals have valuable information to give us? The only way to find out is to adopt the belief. Animal communicator Jeanne Miller’s account of her experiences with cats, dogs, horses, raccoons, mice, and other animals is a delightful and inspiring read for those who believe in our psychic connections with the animal world, and it can be an eye-opener for skeptics.

The book is written with great clarity and simplicity. The author lets the animals speak for themselves, and they have a lot to say. One cat blows the whistle on another for malingering and milking attention for being injured. Frank, a “lost” cat, says, “I’m not lost. I know exactly where I am” and describes abuse by one of the humans in the house.

This is not a how-to book. The author states that a number of good books are available for that. Her intention is to share a world with her readers, and a lovely world it is, full of strong-minded individuals who observe their humans with far more care than you might imagine.