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A New Web Site:

The impetus for building a new site was the dysfunctional nature of the old one. It didn’t display on mobile devices, and Google didn’t like that.

I could blame Google or everyone who has a cell phone or tablet, but that’s a lot of people to blame. The truth, though, is that I needed to conquer my technophobia and migrate my site to WordPress. This, minus the anguish, rage, and general suffering, is the result, and I hope you enjoy it.

Love, Animals, and Miracles
By Bernie Siegel, M.D. and Cynthia J. Hurn

And 50 contributors. I have a story included in the collection, and I’m very excited for a number of reasons.Having one’s work singled out for publication is a thrill. When the book’s author is Dr. Bernie Siegel, a man I have admired for decades, the thrill increases. And when the book celebrates our relationship with animals, the thrill begins to orbit in outer space.

I envision this book reaching the countless people who have been touched by Bernie Siegel’s writings and giving them a new awareness of the importance of the world of animals. I also see it reaching animal lovers and giving them new cause for joy.

The book was published Nov. 3, 2015. I am deeply honored to be part of it.