Contemporary Fiction with
Deviants and Other Outlaws

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Ask the Moon: Finn hopes that moving to the country will help her forget her faithless lover. Instead, buried traumas from the distant past become present. When her daughter, conceived through rape, shows up in her life, Finn fears that they’ll be unable to find comfort in each other—and suddenly nothing seems more important. Read more about this book.

After the Sun and Other Stories: From eight-year-old Celia, who feels homeless because her mothers are estranged, to unhappily retired Harriet, who resents the ease with which her wife has made a purposeful life, After the Moon and Other Stories highlights the challenges and struggles for women to find love and to keep it alive in different phases of their lives. Read more about this book.

Gone to Flowers: Against the background of Vietnam, the Chicago Democratic Convention, Woodstock, My Lai, and Kent State, eight young dreamers pursue their visions. The snake in this fragile Eden, a seductive and disturbed teenager, brings their individual and collective vulnerabilities to the surface and thwarts their efforts to be true to themselves and each other. Read more about this book.