Dystopia in Drag Series

DoD prisdys

Dawn of Dystopia: Gerry, abandoned by his parents when he’s ten, gets adopted, along with his best friend, by a gay man who lives in Greenwich Village. After famines and plagues threaten their charmed lives, their very survival is endangered when the Redeemers, a powerful evangelical church, threatens those who don’t toe their religious line. A tragedy shocks him into the truth of his not-quite-human nature. Read More.

Prisoners of Dystopia: At the age of four, Justice Solange wanders into the forest, an act forbidden by the evangelical megachurch, the Church of the Redeemers. When her mother discovers this violation, she whips her in the town square. It takes several whippings to tame the child, but by young adulthood, Justice has learned the importance of obedience. She becomes successful at converting sinners, but when she’s sent to the Manhattan Zone, an area of imprisonment for sexual deviants, intellectuals, and other degenerates, she fears losing her soul. Read More.