The Cats Who Own Me

Lots of cats walk through the pages of the series: A Dragon’s Guide to Destiny. I’ve had unlimited opportunities to observe felines. In addition to my own cat companions and those of my friends, many cats have shown up in my life through my counseling practice.

Meet the Bosses

Binx, born in 1985, was a feral kitten who maintained her wild spirit. She was the inspiration for the character of Tara in The Dragon’s Guide to Destiny series. This regal lioness reminded me on a daily basis that cats were once worshipped, and she reminded the other cats who was running the show. All cats are psychic, but Binx demonstrated special talents that included placing her catnip mouse and a feather inside a pyramid (presumably to charge their energy). She was very fond of rose quartz and owned one special specimen. Binx died in 2002 at the age of seventeen, having whipped three other cats into shape to succeed her. I remember her with much love.

Bridey came to us in early 2000 as an older kitten who had been seriously mistreated. Because she spent the first three months of her life as a feral kitten, she wanted nothing to do with humans. She has since learned to trust, and it’s been a joy to witness the blossoming of her loving spirit. Though she doesn’t like cameras, I tricked her by using a digital camera for the photo below.

Brendan welcomed all guests and students who came to my home. He was probably not one of the world’s more brilliant cats. When he wasn’t giving and receiving love, he did a fine impersonation of a rug. However, he was easily the most mellow and accepting cat I ever knew. In A Dragon’s Guide to Destiny, I gave these qualities to Tara’s father, Orion.

Brendan died on January 17, 2000. My special tribute page for this cat who made all visitors and students feel welcome to his home is also dedicated to all of your beloved cats who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge.





Brendan Meditating

The Tiny Terrorists

Duffy and Gracie were found with their mother and siblings in a dry well when they were two days old. They were lovingly fostered until they were about 10 weeks old, and then came to our house, which they decided was in need of massive interior decorating, rearranging of crystals, and festive touches such as shredded tissues.

They spend much time in the office, where Gracie supervises printing operations, and both of them check incoming email.

Duffy has a particular fondness for repairpersons with toolboxes, and he often assists them in their work. He has been known to type brief email messages.

Gracie is in many ways the quintessential cat, not so much aloof as selective in her attentions. She laughs at the idea of owning a cat.

Unlike Bridey, they enjoy being photographed. Adult photos appear in the article The Power of Purrs.



Duffy & Gracie