Prisoners of Dystopia:

Book One of:

Dystopia in Drag


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In the late twenty-first century, following famine and plagues, the Church of the Redeemers has partnered with Big Business to abolish the government and replace it with a powerless monarchy. Sexual deviants, intellectuals, and others who resist the Redeemers’ rigid morality are imprisoned in urban areas called Zones.

War begins between the allies when Big Business notices the Redeemers taking over many areas of commerce. Superstar fairies, the Sidhe, dedicated to saving the earth, exploit the rift by launching a covert battle against the Redeemers. Looking for human allies, they discover drag queens, warriors armed with stiletto heels, long nails, and attitude.

When the Redeemers send Justice Solange to the Manhattan Zone in order to infiltrate the local Community Church, her assignment is to convert the Godless. Instead, she learns to like the drag queens: Miss T, who gives her a makeover and advice about love, Ronan, who discovers her singing gift and invites her to join the church choir, and others who befriend her.

As Justice unlocks the power of her voice, she longs to become part of the community that has given her new life. If the Redeemers learn her true feelings, she will discover something worse than hell.