Probably one of the most inspiring speeches given in the past several decades is the “I have a dream” speech.

In my continuing musings about goals, plans, resolutions, and intentions, it occurs to me that dreams make the top of the list.

Nothing is more inspiring than a dream that pulls you toward it, leaving all your resistance, fear, and petty concerns behind.

Have a dream today—and every day.

9 thoughts on “Martin Luther King Day”

  1. Popped over from the WLC Blog Follow program on the World Literary Cafe! Great to connect! I wonder if hummingbirds are related to dragons? hmmm.

  2. Hello back from the WLC! I guess this program is new, and Paul might have signed us up. However it happened, it's great to connect. Dreaming is a big part of my life as the basis of my goals. If you don't dream it first, it's not likely to ever happen. So keep dreaming!

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